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Interview With Bon Hiver In Transworld Business!

We’ll be honest with you. We like answering questions.

After dropping our product Q & A on you a few weeks ago, Transworld Business rang us up to do a little interview.

And we happily obliged. Read up as Bon Hiver Freebase Binding System founder Brendan Walker sits down with the publication to speak on a number of the same questions as you, including “Does snow get stuck in the channels?” (it doesn’t), “Is this a gimmick?” (it’s not), and “Are you French?” (we’re not).

We think they said it best with:
“For the last several years, innovation has been pushed to the forefront as the driving force behind sales of snowboard gear. Period. Graphics and styles are still added bonuses, but the hottest boards, boots, and bindings have a visible story that retailers can use to convince customers that the product is a must have.”

Read it all here and get ready for a Good Winter!